My Services

One-Off Story Session

A highly focused session where we look at a section of your story and dive into the things you want support with. That might be theme, structure, narrative tension, plot, character, prose, voice, style, dialogue, foreshadowing, the beginning, middle, end, setting and more. This is good for all types of work – novel, novella, short story or memoir essay.

What to expect:

  • You send me a short synopsis and up to 4000 words before we meet, highlighting any specific issues you would like to work through together
  • I read your work and make notes
  • We follow up with a 60-minute online meeting to discuss your story in depth
  • You will come away from the meeting with a checklist of things to work on and a clear sense of direction for your story

    One-Off Story Session £60 / R800

    Book Mentorship Package

    There’s no way of avoiding it – if you want to write a book you have to sit down and write your book, but whatever stage of the writing process you’re at, it’s wonderful to have a knowledgeable and supportive creative companion to cheerlead you all the way to the finish line.

    What to expect:

    • Get a good, working first draft of your book written in six to eight months
    • I will guide you through my book-writing formula
    • In the first two weeks we will set up your project intentions and decide on central themes, genre, length, voice, style and tense. You will create a story outline and we will work out your schedule and word goals
    • From there, we work to a two-week schedule. We will meet on the same day and time every second week
    • At least 48 hours before our meeting, you will send me up to 4000 words of new prose for me to annotate and return to you before our meeting
    • We will meet online for a 50-minute session to discuss your story and progress, making any adjustments that are needed to ensure that you are comfortably meeting your goals
    • Repeat, repeat and repeat, until your manuscript is complete!

    Novel minimum 6 months

    Short story or novella minimum 3 months

    Book mentorship package : £140 / R2400 per month

    Add £50 / R600 one-time start-up fee

    Creative Mentorship Package

    This is ideal if you know you want to write, but you’re not sure what. Together we will get a plan in place for you, explore ideas around your interests and about the things you want to say. We will begin with a series of tailored prompts, and we’ll have fun as we mine your creativity for inspiration.

    What to expect:

    • A supportive, encouraging relationship as we explore the things you want to say
    • We will meet online for 60 minutes every second week
    • We will have creative discussions and I will set you writing tasks which you will send to me for feedback and discussion
    • I will point you towards books/essays/texts/quotes/ideas that resonate with your creative calling
    • In this way, you will begin to form some ideas and create excitement about what you can write and how you can get that out into the world

    Minimum 3-month package: £140 / R2400 per month

    Beta Reading Services

    Get an honest, professional appraisal of your finished manuscript which will include a detailed reader’s report, suggestions for improvements and a 60-minute online follow-up meeting.

    £280 / R5000 (up to 60,000 words)

    Ghostwriting Services

    I take on one ghost-writing project a year. I can write your memoir or life story through a series of interviews, research and conversations. It’s great fun and a wonderfully rewarding collaboration of your story. Please contact me for more information.

    Speaking Engagements & Feature Articles

    Specialist areas include: Writing, Creativity, Books, Literature, Life Writing, Memoir, Narrative Therapy, Women’s Issues and Lifestyle.

    My recent features have appeared in Sunday Times SA and Journal Magazine.

    I have been both chair and panellist at various festivals and have undertaken many speaking engagements.

    How to Choose a Writing Coach

    Writing is such a powerful adventure, and I recommend you choose the person who you would want by your side on your best, and worst, writing days!

    Choose a writing coach that you feel safe with – someone who makes you feel creative, encouraged and someone who will guide you towards your best work, a consistent wordcount and your end goal.

    Finally, use your intuition – if it feels right, it is right.

    Book your session now or contact me to book a FREE 15-minute consultation about your creative project.

    I look forward to hearing your story!

    As a writing coach, what you will find with me is someone who is grounded, literary and academic – and yet someone who also believes in colourful creativity that brings joyful sparkles and magic-wand moments – it’s an alchemy of its own making – and I invite you to join me on this wonderful creative journey!

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