I’m an Author, Book Coach and Creative Mentor with a special interest in memoir and life writing and I am a Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Cape Town’s Department for Extra Mural Studies, where I host writing courses on all aspects of creative writing including short story, memoir, novella and creativity. These courses are a lot of fun and when they are online, we come together as a creative community from all over the world.

My novel, Of All Things We Need Hope, will be released by Modjaji Books in 2024 and my collection of short stories, Women out of Water, was shortlisted for the Nadine Gordimer Short Story Award in 2022 by the South African Literary Association. I’ve published many features, columns, reviews and fiction stories in various papers, magazines, anthologies and online media outlets and I have an MA cum laude in Creative Writing from University of Cape Town and a BA in Creative & Media Writing from Middlesex University, London.

My writing journey started twenty-five years ago, when the first short story I wrote was published by The Lady Magazine in the UK. I loved the whole process of writing that story from finding the original inspiration, to getting the words on the page, to finally seeing it in print with a special magazine illustration.

Since then, I have immersed myself in writing both fiction and non-fiction. Stories have a powerful way of connecting us and I’ve met the most incredible people on my writing journey. I cherish my own daily writing time and I feel incredibly lucky to join writers on their creative journeys – whether that’s facilitating a workshop or storytelling group or working one-on-one with writers as they develop their novels, memoirs or search for new ways to express themselves with words.

Being fully creative can make us feel vulnerable, but one thing I’ve learnt during my years of creative coaching is that we are capable of incredible things. So much of what we know rests in our subconscious and when we are in an environment where we feel unconditional support, where mistakes are not just allowed but expected, enjoyed and embraced, and when we accept the idea that we can write crazy, messy and wonderful first drafts – it actually leads to the most amazing work, that’s full of honesty, warmth and truth.

Whatever stage you’re at, I advocate for a simple five-step plan to position you for success.

These five steps look simple, but when practiced in real time, they will quantum leap your creative process and your writing journey will become not only possible, but rewarding and fun. There is no better feeling than rattling off the next scene of your book and knowing that tomorrow you will do the same.

A daily habit
of writing

A feelgood space
to write

Make progress
not perfection

to write

An encouraging
creative community

How Can I Help You?

I work with many authors to get their first drafts written. The first draft can be the most daunting because you start with a blank page, but once you’ve got the main story written, the feeling of completion is amazing – even if you know you have a few months of editing ahead of you.

On average you should allow six to eight months to complete a workable first draft of your novel. You might be able to write a short story in a day – but then, of course, you will need to set time aside for editing and polishing.

Other projects I can help you with include:


Write a life story your family will want to read


Write your memoir


Write a short story or novella


Write an article or essay for a blog or magazine


Writers UnBlock! My tried-and-tested program to unleash your creative potential through a series of guided exercises


Life (changing) Writing. Your life story is an incredibly powerful tool for personal or career growth. This is a six-week, intensive one-on-one course.

Workshops and Courses

Workshops offer us a tremendous sense of community. During my workshop sessions, the aim is to come together, have fun and write a lot. I include formally presented lectures coupled with creative exercises, discussions, an informal sharing of ideas and a lot of practical writing.

My recent courses include:


Write Your Short Story: From concept to completion

Your Wonderful Novella Journey – fiction and creative non-fiction
Life (changing) Writing! Why your story matters and how understanding it can unleash your creative potential
The ‘Big Five’ Memoir Questions: Time, Place, People, Truth, Publishing
Write Your Life Story; from memoir essay to full-length narrative
Turn Your Writing Dreams into Reality

As a writing coach, what you will find with me is someone who is grounded, literary and academic – and yet someone who also believes in colourful creativity that brings joyful sparkles and magic-wand moments – it’s an alchemy of its own making – and I invite you to join me on this wonderful creative journey!

Contact me to book a session