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It’s a great day to write!

If you’ve joined me here, then I’m guessing you’re either interested to read my books, you’re thinking of joining one of my courses or perhaps you’d like to know more about how I can help you to write your own book or make serious quantum leaps with your creative process. So let me jump straight in and share my story with you and then let’s chat about how I can help you.

“It’s the last session of my Wonderful Novella writing course and I am sad. Sad to go out, all on my own, into the wide writers’ world where the unknown is waiting and the known compassionate, gently directed, and solid know-how of Sally is not. I am perplexed that I started the course with angst and trepidation because ‘I cannot write’ yet, ended a 5-week journey reading 800 odd words out loud and experiencing being accomplished, enlightened and satisfied. A new world emerged which is only possible because of the creative journey Sally took us / me on. Forever grateful.”

– Elize, Cape Town

“Sally presented the course with positive energy that got everybody involved and feeling comfortable from the first session. Her passion for writing and stories and her genuine interest in participants was clear and very encouraging from the get-go. Her blend of ‘lecture type’ inputs, coupled with writing exercises and interactions between participants, made for an enjoyable learning experience. I normally drift off and easily lose interest in presentations, but I stayed rivetted during the sessions. Could not believe that two hours could fly by so quickly!”

– Chris, Cape Town

“I don’t really have words to thank you…your passion and love of this work is palpable and that in itself is very special.”

– Linda, Cape Town

“There is something quite remarkable about a group of people sharing life, and discovering so much richness in the others, with fresh insights and gentle encouragement, which Sally leads with grace and skill. All of it is an absolute treasure.”

– Jeannie, Western Cape

As a writing coach, what you will find with me is someone who is grounded, literary and academic – and yet someone who also believes in colourful creativity that brings joyful sparkles and magic-wand moments – it’s an alchemy of its own making – and I invite you to join me on this wonderful creative journey!

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